Here We Go Again…

If you have read Charlee’s baby story a few posts back, you may already know that she was a tad bit of a surprise. Well… apparently we’re in the business of creating accidental offspring. And apparently, Clark and I need to go back to our 8th grade sex education classes to take a refresher course.

That’s right. We’re pregnant. Again.


I am due June 27.

I’ll help you calculate… that’s 17 months apart.

Now, this is just crazy, ironic, hilarious (in a masochistic kind of way), and unbelievable on so many levels. Even after I’d taken two positive pregnancy tests, Clark and I still were in denial for a few weeks while we idly sat on this information. We rarely even talked about it with each other, except to say, “I keep forgetting you’re/I’m pregnant.”

We are very excited, don’t misunderstand me. But there are some logistics to figure out before this precious little bundle arrives. For example, where are we gonna put this child? Maybe you don’t know where we live…. I’ll blog on our shack next time. Options include, but are not limited to: the bathtub, the bottom drawer of our dresser, the closet, the wardrobe, the kitchen sink. Jenna even suggested that we get an RV and park it next to our house. OR, my personal favorite, Charlee can go stay at their house and they can have a big kid house and we will have the baby house. Not that Charlee will be much of a big kid yet.

I tried to get a cute, smiling shot of Charlee in her outfit she wore to announce it to our families. Here’s a few that I ended up with…charlee

I couldn’t attain a smiling picture AND a picture where you can read the shirt. But if not for anything else, it makes a cute little photoboard.

People raise babies that are 17 months apart OR LESS all the time. Heck, people have twins and triplets and beyond. So I know I will survive this. I might not ever have a clean house, or a speck of makeup on, or, let’s be honest, time to make a third baby (which is probably a good thing), but I know I will look back at these next few years so thankful for the two biggest blessings in my life (I’m assuming I’m going to like this next one too) and thankful for the relationship they have with each other (wishful thinking?).

Or maybe I’ll just look back and be thankful that I made it through.

Either way, I’ll be thankful.

AND NOW… 6 reasons I am absolutely, positively SURE I am pregnant…

— most of these have to do with my emotional instability —

1. I cried last month while watching “The Price is Right”. It wasn’t even during the Showcase Showdown. They were doing the opening bid for a camera to see who got to come to the stage and a girl guessed the exact price of the camera. Her excitement made me so excited for her that I cried. Not just wet eyes. Like, I cried.

2. While at ReEngage (a marriage class at Beltway), we were sharing one night about the lesson. I was extremely tired, to the point where I wasn’t sure if I was going to go, but Clark was out of town, so I felt like I needed to rep the fam. When it was my turn to talk, I maybe said 6 words before the waterworks came gushing forth. I was out of control. This happened within the first 15 minutes of the class, and I cried the rest of the hour. Like, had a headache from trying not to audibly sob. Eventually I just gave up on talking because it was worthless. The rest of the class time was dedicated to praying over and speaking advice over mine and Clark’s marriage. The worst part was that they didn’t know I was pregnant. So in defense of my craziness, I told them at the end of class, but I don’t think they really understood what I meant by “have no control of my emotions”. I called Clark afterward to warn him that he’d probably be getting encouraging emails/texts this week because everyone is really concerned about us.

3. I can sleep 11 hours in a night, take a 2 hour nap the next day, and still be exhausted the ENTIRE day. This is worse than the nausea to me. I never get anything done. We’re lucky Charlee gets fed. (kidding… ?)

4. I was craving chocolate one day, and texted Jenna to see if she had any in the house. No luck. So instead, I decided to make a healthy decision and take Charlee on a walk. As I was walking by my parents’ house, a lightbulb went off. My parent’s will have chocolate… good grandparents always stock chocolate in the house, and we all know Pops and Jojo are the best. So there I was, pushing Charlee in the jogging stroller in my workout clothes, eating a chocolate ice cream bar. Everytime a car drove by, I ashamedly would hide it beside my leg. I’m sure they saw. I wasn’t fooling anyone.

5. I eat a full meal every 18 minutes.

6. I have cried at church every week. Obviously. But one week, as an object lesson on discipline, a group of karate kids did a performance on the stage. Cried the whole way through. Why? Just really appreciated their skills.


10 thoughts on “Here We Go Again…

  1. Ha, you are really funny. ‘They’ say two is easier than one…I’ll keep my fingers crossed for both of us that ‘they’ aren’t lying. Praying your pregnancy/new kid is healthy! Congratulations!


  2. Firstly, congratulations!!!!

    Secondly, this is so well written, I had to stop myself from laughing on a number of occasions so that I didn’t wake the baby and the husband up!!


  3. Haha great post. Congrats on the new bundle! Very exciting 🙂
    I knew I was pregnant with Scarlett when I woke up at 5 one morning, couldn’t sleep so decided to stream some Netflix. I thought I was scrolling through the romantic section but all I saw we’re horror film selections. I started to sob because I felt so lost…and I didn’t understand why so many people made such scary movies.


  4. I’m laughing out loud…partly because you’re funny, and partly because I remember being completely embarrassed when our “surprise” was on the way 9 months after baby one (I was 23, with 2 little girls). But the surprises kept coming…one 7 years later, followed by the 4th 21 months after that. All the experts can see we had perfect spacing 😉 You will soon have a new normal, and you’ve already proven to yourself (and the rest of us) that you are capable of handling stressful situations with grace and beauty. Congratulations on your newest blessing!


  5. Don’t listen to them lemony. Going from one to two is tougher than one. Plus I can relate on the Irish twins bit. But on the other side is how close they’ll be. That is a joy. It’s a fun challenge, not a scary one. Good post.


  6. I totally adore you Jordan! You and Clark are so precious to me and have shared with the world already the sweetness of Charlee. I can’t wait to meet the newest Harrell and celebrate again with you the blessings of a new baby. You made me smile with your words – well, actually full blown laugh out loud moments – and a little tearing up myself as I ponder how blessed I am to be part of your world! Love and Hugs – Marlene


  7. You, Jordan…are…crazy and hilarious and authentic and dear…and I just LOVE it! Love YOU! Charlee and her sib are blessed to have you as their mama. BLESSED.


  8. I love reading your blog! Congrats on #2, mine are exactly 17 months apart too and the second was def an accidental offspring, ha! Its can get a little crazy but I keep telling myself how they will be bff for life when they’re older! Good luck. Charlee is precious!


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