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If you are overwhelmed, tired, at your wit’s end, malnourished, and in need of some encouragement from someone who is also overwhelmed, tired, at her wit’s end, malnourished and in need of some encouragement… you have come to the right place.

Welcome friends. I’m Jordan. Marriage is hard. Parenting is hard. Momming is hard. Following Christ is hard. Sanity is so hard. And it is impossible to do it all alone. If you hear nothing else from this blog, let it be this: I do not have it figured out. I mess this “life” thing up A LOT. But may this always be a safe place to admit that.

This is my husband Clark. He likes to coach football and organize things. That’s not a joke. His eyes aren’t nearly as close together as this picture suggests. I once thought we were exactly the same, and then we got married and became roommates and I found out everything I thought I once knew were ALL LIES.

We were really cool before we had kids...


Meet Accidental Pregnancy #1: Charlee Kate. Four-years-ago, she burst into this world in all her 3 lb, 7 oz. glory and rocked my world. That first child is a GAME. CHANGER. She is sensitive and smart, thoughtful and gentle. She amazes me and challenges me. God gave me her to reveal to me how much I needed Him.



Meet Accidental Pregnancy #2: Hattie Jo. She is hilarious and joyful. She asks me questions that don’t make sense and gets embarrassed when people laugh at her. She wants to be a Mommy someday more than anything so that she can “go to the grocery store by [her]self” and “do the dishes.” I have assured her that she will get ample opportunity to do both of those things in just a couple of years.



Meet Accidental Pregnancy #3: Hayes Stanton. Yep, that’s right. We are slow learners. This child is going to give me a run for my money. He is strong-willed and will throw a mean fit, yet is the biggest Momma’s boy. He will probably suck his paci til he’s 15, but I don’t even care — which, as it turns out, is my current life motto: I don’t even care. Want to wear a toboggan to McDonald’s when it’s 93 degrees outside? Accidentally flashed the whole restaurant while nursing at Chili’s? Throwing a fit on the floor of the grocery store? I DON’T EVEN CARE.



Don’t be fooled by this picture… Clark was seething at the fact that we were taking family pictures and mosquitos were eating us alive. Our photographer is much better at taking pictures than we are.


If there were ever a time of refining in my life, it is now. There is nothing like marriage and children to point out all the crap you need to deal with. I feel like I am constantly sitting in front of blow torch and just TAKING IT while God melts it all away: my selfishness, my worldliness, my need for approval, my competitiveness.

But then he also offers me sweet relief. He shows me how much more peaceful life is without all that. He gives me grace as I figure out that my identity is not found in perfection and having it all figured out, but in laying yourself down to serve others — which is motherhood, isn’t it?

So may this be a place where we can all stop pretending. Stop comparing. Stop competing. Stop measuring. I just want us to love the hell out of each other. Literally. Let’s love away the hell in each other’s lives, because we all have a little bit. This life, these long days with our little ones, it’s way too short to do anything else.

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. For some reason you showed up on my Linkded (which I don’t know how to use) and I’ve spent 45 minutes reading! Cute, cute blog! I used to teach at Madison with you and have a Charlee Kai! Looks like everything is going well! Good luck with #2!


  2. So glad your page popped up on my FB thru Shelby and Sloan! This is just so sweet, honest and heartfelt. You and Clark are two special people, amazing parents with beautiful girls and an inspiring story to share with other young families! Will be praying for that little Nolan and his parents. What a tough trial to face in life. Our God is Good and is in the healing business!


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  4. I just read your article on HuffPost. I love your style of writing and connected with you right away! Thank you for the great advice on ways to save!! I’m looking forward to reading more!


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