Change is a’coming

Please know, I am not nearly as narcissistic as the new web address implies. It’s something about marketing and simplicity and easy-to-find-ness. Know what I mean?

This will be my last blog post ever.

On this site. will be (hopefully) going LIVE (I feel like Ryan Seacrest right now…) on Monday. This is all very exciting/terrifying/vulnerable/terrifying/please keep loving me.

Please know, I am not nearly as narcissistic as the new web address implies. It’s something about marketing and simplicity and easy-to-find-ness. Know what I mean?

What this means for you:

  • If you are a subscriber to or (same thing), you will no longer be receiving emails because I’m no longer operating here. Monday, head over to and subscribe THERE. Easy peasy.
  • That’s about it. I don’t know why I need bullet points.

You guys, a big ol’ thank you note is heading your way on Monday. Just prepare yourself for how much I love you.

Also, I have free things.

Until then…




I Have a Three-Year-Old

The days are long but the years are short. There are no truer words. I have a hard time believing Charlee Kate is three, yet I can barely remember life before her. Is she still a baby or is she a teenager? I don’t know. My life is a blur now.

Two has been the year of potty training and nap dropping. She has been very two this past year, and while we have had countless wonderful days and she still handily has my heart, I enthusiastically shout “Good Riddance!!” to the Terrible Twos… for 5 more months. Though some say three is worse, I think CK’s terrible twos were mostly because she was transitioning out of naps. The tears. I can’t even. We have been drowwwwnnniiiinnnng over here. That girl can lie down in her bed for (up to) two hours and never fall asleep, even though she’d been an emotional basket case the entire morning because “I-I-I c-c-can’t button my butttooooonnnnn” but “NO! NO! NO! I DON’T WANT HELP.” I can’t wait til she’s fifteen.

The past couple weeks have been loads better. She seems to need the nap less and less and is usually capable of wearing a happy face all the way up to bedtime. Crossing my fingers that my sweet, happy, silly baby girl is resurfacing for good.

Here are some photographic highlights of her Year of Twodome since I have failed miserably at capturing it before now.

So Charlee Kate,

You are three entire years old. Here are your stats and milestones:

You are 25 lbs. and 36 in. tall.

Your favorite things are…

swings, your tricycle, books, watching movies, Sonic drinks, chocolate ice cream… or just chocolate in general, whole apples, dressing up, puzzles, playdates, Elsa (your cat and the character) and watercolors.

Your least favorite things are…

eating meals, men (still… though you might be showing some growth in that area), naps, and sharing with Hattie.

You can…

“read” me books (memorize them), count to 13 (count to 29 if we don’t include 14-17), identify some letters, rhyme, help me around the house (you really are good at cleaning up and helping — so thankful for that)

You are…

kind, a wonderful big sister, a good playmate, dramatic, hilarious, not the toughest cookie, picky, loving – a hugger and a kisser.

I am so thankful God made me your mom. I am so lucky to have you. Will you always want me to lie down with you at rest time and hold you when you wake up? Will your face always light up when you see me coming to pick you up at church? Will you always think I’m the best mom ever? You’d better. I’ll spank you if you don’t.

Ugh. Don’t ever get married and leave me. Stay three forever.

Love you to the moon,


Hattie Jo Update

Once upon a time I started writing a blog to document childhood stories of a baby I was sure to forget (the stories… not the baby). Then that baby became two babies and those babies became toddlers and that blog got tossed in the laundry with the rest of my life.

Poor Hattie. The forgotten second child will never know anything about her childhood because her mother is negligent. Her older sister practically has every second of her life photographed, yet I don’t even know where my camera is right now.

Little Bit, I’m sorry. But let me tell you about your 16-month-old self so that we can look back at this one month of your life someday.

Dear child, you are a stinker. You are stubborn and strong-willed and can throw a mean fit when you don’t get your way. You have the most hilarious angry face that, true to form, I have not captured yet in a photo. Your daddy has said since you were about 5-months-old, “This girl is going to get a lot of spankings.” They will all be done in love, but yes. Yes you will.

I don’t know how to tell you this… but you have a hard time staying “put-together”. You’re always cute as a button, but it’s more of a funny, endearing cute. You are a hot-body, so you are constantly sweaty, which makes your hair stick to your head and stick up in weird directions. Then, there’s the issue with your big, beautiful lips. You can’t close them. You don’t ever close your mouth. Never. So your shirt is 50% absorbed with drool five minutes into wearing it. Then, you somehow manage to plaster dirt or food or ink or some other dark substance all over your face and body when I’m not looking. Or maybe I am, I just don’t care because you’re being quiet. Needless to say, you’re a hot mess 99% of the time. That makes me love you so much more.

You are a hitter. Charlee usually deserves it though, so keep up the good work. Kidding. But really. Girl needs to know not to mess with the little sister — as a fellow little sister, I got your back. However, I’m not cool with you hitting me. I would prefer that to stop.

You have suddenly developed a fervor for reading. FINALLY! You spent the first 15 months of your life slamming the books shut that were read to you and then throwing them onto the ground in disgust. One day you just decided that books were awesome and would like one read to you every second. But only certain ones. You are picky. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a fave, as is Baby Faces and any book that has pictures of dogs.

You do everything on your own time. You would rather not learn anything. I could sit with your sister and teach her animal noises and body parts and sign language…. you couldn’t care less. You yank your hands away and growl at me. I’m pretty sure if you could cuss, you would in these moments. I’m going to assume this means you are an independent learner and don’t want others to do all the hard work for you.

You finally decided you would appease us all and walk. You went from not taking a single step to walking everywhere with ease within two days… Ya little booger. I knew you could have done it weeks ago. It’s seriously been the best milestone ever. You have finally gained some independence and are no longer attached to my finger/hip/leg at all minutes of the day.

You eat like a champ, but you might be a vegetarian (for moral reasons of course). You refuse to eat meat other than the occasional chicken nugget. Everything else is fruit, veggies, bread, and yogurt. But girl, you big. You are 21 lb. 3 oz. which is heavier than Charlee (I think) and 31 inches tall (60th percentile). And we can’t forget that noggin, coming in at 48 cm, a whopping 93rd percentile. Love that big brain of yours.

You have ridiculous allergies. And living in West Texas doesn’t help your cause. You’re nose runs like a leaky faucet all day errday. You are now on allergy meds which helps some… at least you sleep now. PTL.

You LOVE your daddy and driving in his truck. Whenever he gets home you shout, “DA DA!” and run to the door with your arms high. Then you point to his truck and grunt, and he takes you on a ride around the block. Someday I will video this (I initially typed “video tape” and then realized it was not 1996).

You love your sister too. She always makes you belly laugh. Y’all make me so happy. I can tell you two are gonna be besties. 🙂

You love being chased and tickled and thrown up into the air. You love animals of any kind. You love going down slides on your tummy.

You are shy around other people and lay your head on my chest when strangers (or non-strangers) talk to you. You’re not nearly as hateful towards others as your sister was at your age. You will smile and smirk and even let them hold you. But not for long.

If I know you, you aren’t even reading anymore because your attention span is that of a gnat. So I guess I’ll sum it up now. Just know that I love you. Forever and ever and ever. I don’t know how I got so lucky to claim you as my own, but I’m thankful God knew you would fit my heart perfectly. I can’t wait to see the person you turn into. Love, Mom.


“I like holding hands” – CK
We are creative with how we waste time.
They’re just so yummy.

IMG_3383 IMG_3385 IMG_3394 IMG_3418 IMG_3463


One Month (or so) with Hattie Jo

It’s been a month with two babies. And I’m still alive. Truth: if I can do it, anyone can. It really hasn’t been nearly as terrible and exhausting and crazy and overwhelming as I’d anticipated (granted, I was expecting to end everyday in a crumpled, weepy ball on the floor). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a little more challenging than one, but there are more good days than bad. My juggling skills improve daily, and I continue to figure out more tricks and tactics (like giving Charlee snacks while nursing .. girl’s gonna be gainin’ that weight .. , using the single stroller with the car seat attachment, and the blessing that is Elmo YouTube videos).

I try to consciously tell myself to roll with it. Laugh. Breathe. Some days (like today) I am overcome by the crying, blow outs, nursing, crying, tummy aches, nursing, and crying. Or the whining, hitting, biting, licking, fit-throwing, and the fact that numero uno is generally unpleasant in public forums.  I mean really, some days are just ridiculous.

Overall, though, life is better with two. For example, I love the moments in the morning when Charlee wakes up and immediately wants to lay with Hattie on the floor. Or when Hattie starts fussing and Charlee pulls on me, “Up, Up, Up…” because she knows Hattie needs to be held. It melts my heart that she shares her paci with her because I know it is her most prized possession, first love, and best friend. I can’t wait to see the relationship they have in a year or so.

Anyways, I got sidetracked. I mostly wanted to document Hattie’s life as a one-month-old.

We’re going to pretend like this is her one-month update, but since she’s almost two-months and I don’t remember what happened when, some of this probably happened after she turned a month old. Whatev.

— I remember when Charlee was a couple of months old, Clark saying, “She cries aaalllll the time,” and me replying, “That’s just how babies are. It’s normal.” Nope. She really did cry all the time. Now looking back, Charlee was probably colic-y and her acid reflux made her a lot more upset than I realized. Hattie cries, obviously, but is easily consoled and is generally an awesome baby. Answered prayer.

— She has a torpedo head. Refer to first picture for proof. It’s really a good thing for her she didn’t squeeze through the birth canal and thus acquire an even conier dome.

— She has rolls. Not a lot, but they’re creeping in on those little legs and arms. I always wished for a fat baby. Charlee let me down on that end. Looove those fat babies.

— She sleeps anywhere from 3-7 hour stretches at night. The 7 hour stretch only happened once (dang it). Typically, she’ll just go 4 or 5.

— While she started out pooping every single feeding (which was awful), she now just lives from blowout to blowout (which is way more awful). She has already surpassed Charlee on “number of times I’ve pooped on Mommy”. Girl’s got range. It’s like a geyser shooting out of her bum… projectile poo. It’s exactly as disgusting as you’re imagining.

— She is a great eater. No issues. Woohoo.

What else do you say about a 1-month-old? They don’t do much. I can’t think of anything else…

So meet Hattie via this riveting video–

She’s just so sweet and kissable. Feel free to come by anytime and experience it yourself. We get bored around here.